About Panhandle Traders & Trader Joes

Panhandle Traders The Panhandle Traders crew, Wade, Terrie, and Dillon Barkshire, work as a family with Wade's parents, Trader Joe and Jeanne of Great Falls, Montana. All take pride in having quality tack, unique pieces and in giving specialized service to their customers.
All of the Barkshires have been down the rodeo trail; they try to cater to competitors and keep the prices fair so people can afford quality tack at an affordable price. An expression that characterizes the Panhandle Traders' approach would be "righteous western tack" where good stuff can happen!!! Panhandle Traders features Kippy belts, unique western jewelry, navajo blankets, specialized saddle pads and more...

If you want something just a little bit different, Panhandle Traders can provide it.
Call 403-749-2641
TRADER JOE'S - Buy, Sell or Trade Horses, Tack & Trailers
Located in Great Falls, Trader Joe's (Joe & Jeanne Barkshire) have been trading horses and selling tack for 50 years. A favorite saying at Trader Joe's, and one that sums up both the business and the folks behind it, is, "Find something you like and we will fix the price, or take little off!" Joe likes to add, "The bigger the pile the better the deal!"

Joe & Jeanne Barkshire, Trader Joe'sJoe's partner is his wife Jeanne; everybody loves her as she is so friendly and fun to be around. The store, Trader Joe's, is like a great treasure hunt; you never know what you will find or what story Joe will entertain you with. Head to Trader Joe's for a visit!!
Trader Joe's is located at 322 Vaughn S. Frontage Road, Great Falls, Montana 59404.
To contact Trader Joe's, Call 888-727-7065.